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Are you eligible?

Check to see if you’re eligible for the Ohio College Comeback Compact.

If you previously attended any of the eight participating colleges or universities, did not earn a degree, owe money to your former school, and are interested in re-enrolling in one of these eight colleges or universities, you may be eligible to continue your education and reduce or eliminate the money you owe. Please complete the questions below to learn more about your eligibility.

To be eligible for the Ohio Compact, prospective students:

  • Must have been enrolled in one of the Compact’s participating institutions, with the most recent enrollment at least 2 terms (at least one spring and one fall) prior to the next available term in which they can enroll.
  • Must owe a certified debt of $5,000 or less to one previously attended Compact institution (not more than one institution).
  • Must have debt that is certified to the Office of the Attorney General, and not assigned to a special counsel.
  • Cannot currently be involved in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Cannot currently be enrolled in an associates or bachelor’s degree or certificate program at any Compact institution or non-participating institution.
  • Cannot previously have received the maximum debt cancellation through the Compact.

If the details you provide suggest you may be eligible for the program, you will be asked to enter your contact information so that an advisor can contact you to explain the program and discuss your options. 

Please note that answering these questions or submitting your contact information does not guarantee your participation in the Compact or admission to any of the colleges.