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Get up to $5,000 in college debt forgiveness

The Ohio College Comeback Compact offers debt forgiveness and transcript release for students who re-enroll at participating public colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio.

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  1. Determine your eligibility by answering a few simple questions.
  2. An advisor will review your eligibility and reach out to share your options.
  3. Re-enroll at one of the eight participating community colleges or four-year public universities to continue your education.

What’s the Ohio Compact?

The Ohio College Comeback Compact provides students who haven’t finished their degree with the opportunity to continue their education at any participating college or university and reduce or eliminate the money they owe their former college.


Is this program right for me?

This program is available to students who previously attended one of the eight Compact colleges or universities, owe money to their former school, and are interested in continuing their education at any of the participating colleges or universities.


Who runs this program?

The Ohio College Comeback Compact is affiliated with the College Comeback initiative of the Ohio Department of Higher Education and jointly administered by eight participating colleges and universities. Two non-profits, College Now Greater Cleveland and Ithaka S+R, support the Compact.


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